Order Status Retrieval System

To use the Harbor Linen Order Status Retrieval System utilize the following step-by-step directions:

    1. Enter your User Name
    2. Enter your security password (case sensitive)
    3. Optional: Enter a specific purchase order number if you want to search an individual order. (If you would like to search all purchase orders issued to Harbor Linen, leave this field blank and click "Enter")
    4. Optional: Select the sorted order for returned records
    5. Click on "Enter"

Once in our Order Status Retrieval System locate the order you want to check status on, locate the tracking number or Pro number on the far right and click on the number to retrieve delivery information. If the tracking number is not highlighted, click on the name of the trucking company and enter your Pro number.

    If you have any further questions call 1-800-257-7858

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